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Geozon – scientific publication service


Geozon Science Media is an innovative publication service specialised in geosciences and environmental sciences. We offer internationally orientated media services for scientists, educational and research institutions as well as for associations, public authorities and commercial enterprises.


Our publication services of high graded quality combine advantages of both the traditional printing business and online publishing facilities to yield benefits for science through consequent use of newly created ressource preserving media technologies. For this purpose, web-based tools called 'Publiss' are being developed which enable an effective spread of research results with future-proof standards on a high-quality and economically reasonable level.


The linked innovative business model integrates the current Open Access principle of the knowledge society (which means free admission to research results) in an exemplary way and provides for world wide visibility and accessibility of scientific results in a constantly growing information market.



Publiss – web-based publication-system


Publiss is a web-based software solution for scientific multi-channel-publishing, developed by Geozon Science Media. It is specifically optimised for adoption under the open-access-paradigm and combines the benefits of a web-publishing-application with a workflow-system.


Different tasks are organised in Publiss Tools. Apart from individual tools, the system consists of a customer front end and an administration back end. This modular architecture serves to scale and upgrade the system.


The innovation of Publiss is composed of the first-time integration of various scientific publication steps in a web-based system. Special benefits are the comfortable usability and the different distribution channels which are being addressed by the system via corresponding interfaces.


Furthermore, Publiss creates infinite connecting facilities for science networking via Widgets. Thus publications can be spread virally and Web 2.0 features can be made accessible for science.



Open Access – free admission to research results


The aim of Open Access is to ensure a free admission to scientific publications and materials for all users via internet. The increase of scientific information spread is a key aspect of this movement as postulated in the Berlin Declaration.