Comparison Chart of Scientific Networks

At the current digital era with an increasing globalisation a social network is a suitable instrument to stay in contact with colleagues, former colleagues and places of acitivity. Special customised social networks for scientists fulfil the most important functions to the networking and to collaborative working. The significant difference from popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter & Co. are the unique users and the various capabilities of scientific cooperation. This contrasts strongly with the mainstream and is an essential reason to join them. Each of the 12 presented services can score at different fields. Finally it depends on the acceptance by users and on the critical mass of members, which network will become successful.

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    Mr. Gunn (Montag, 19 April 2010 18:19)

    Es ist eine gezieltere Chart hier:


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    Oliver Wunder (Mittwoch, 21 April 2010 11:03)

    ResearchGATE started new features yesterday. You can use Microblogging and Sharing Service to send short messages, publications, links, pictures or other files and discuss them in real time. The possibility to connect your ResearchGATE account to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is integrated as well.