New publication: From the northern ice shield to the Alpine glaciations

The route of the field trip described in the excursion guide "From the northern ice shield to the Alpine glaciations - A Quaternary field trip through Germany" follows a section through Germany from North to South, from the area of the Northern glaciation, to the Alpine glacial advances. It includes several places of historical importance, where milestones in Quaternary research have been achieved in the past, as well as new interesting sites where results of recent research is presented.


Editor: Daniela Sauer, Deutsche Quartärvereinigung (DEUQUA) e.V.

88 pages, DIN A4, Broschur

ISBN 978-3-941971-06-6

DOI 10.3285/g.00007

The publication is available for free download. As a printversion of this issue can be ordered by e-mail to for 29,-€.

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